Whether just embarking on a spiritual journey or if you have been walking a path for some time, Living An Awakened Life, has been written to inspire and encourage you to trust your own inner guidance and align with purpose. Filled with simple practical exercises and personal anecdotes, this book is created as a guide for you to live with courage and embrace the light and beauty of your own deepest wisdom.

Welcome! My name is Julie Hoyle and the book you are about to read is a true account of a dramatic spiritual awakening that came crashing into my life in early 1989. Arriving on the shores of my existence, like an enormous tidal wave, grace swept through my interior and exterior worlds affecting everything in its path. Over time, the structure of who I believed myself to be was torn down like a flimsy wooden shack and no matter how hard I tried, there was no way of putting things back in place. Everything was changed, reordered, or thrown out completely. And it happened without much input on my part, it just simply happened.

The source of that awakening was an extraordinary Indian Yogi, known as Nityananda. Appearing silently and robed only in a white loin-cloth, he changed my life forever with just one touch. For a young, western, Catholic woman, completely unaware of even being a ‘spiritual seeker,’ this event was so firmly rooted outside the spectrum of my life-experiences, it had the imprint of a miracle, yet it also felt completely natural.
An Awakened Life
An Awakened Life
In this narrative I share details of this powerful and unexpected event and my attempts to assimilate a radical expansion of consciousness. Including descriptions of life in the Bahamas, India and the Ukraine, I offer a searingly honest narrative, detailing the challenges of confronting the dark aspects of the psyche as well as the light. From the richness of that journey, I also offer time-honored yet accessible self-inquiry methods, which can be utilized to transform fear and move into more abundant and expansive states of awareness, even while actively engaged in the demands of a busy working life.
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